CBT, or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, is a set of techniques that allows you to become aware of how your thoughts create your emotions. By learning to change your thinking patterns, you can quickly and easily change negative emotions into more positive and useful ones.

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There are a lot of ways on how our thinking affects our emotions. For example if someone is supposed to call you but they don’t, you might begin to create a story in your mind on why they haven’t called you. Perhaps you worry they don’t like you anymore, or they’re upset with you. And most of the time, the actual reason why they haven’t been in touch is completely different from what you’ve imagined.

However in the meantime, you’ve managed to make yourself feel anxious or even depressed, simply with the power of your thoughts.

How could it be if you regained control over what you think, so you could actually live a more peaceful and happy life?

CBT is well known for being very effective for anxiety or depression, but can also help you with a wide range of different issues such as low self-esteem, confidence issues or even sleeping or eating disorders.

CBT will teach you concrete tools and exercises that you can apply on a daily basis to give you back the control of your life.