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  • Stop Smoking
  • Weight loss
  • Depression
  • Health issues
  • Low confidence
  • Low self-esteem
  • Codependency and fear of abandonment
  • Fear of intimacy and commitment
  • Anxiety
  • Panic Attacks
  • Eating disorders
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Stress
  • Motivation issues
  • Procrastination
  • Nail biting
  • Addictions
  • Allergies
  • Dyslexia
  • Performance anxiety
  • Relationship issues
  • Trauma
  • Abuse
  • Imposteur syndrome
Tiffany is a young lady that came to see me when I was running Lightning Process seminars to help M.E and CFS sufferers. She had the usual symptoms of M.E and felt very depressed not to be able to live her life fully anymore. “Until I became ill with glandular fever in January 2009 I think I took this for granted. I couldn’t stay awake for more than a few hours, I had a list of symptoms, I couldn’t eat what I wanted to and I always felt lousy, and then when I wasn’t getting better I felt worse and worse, and I felt as though I should be doing a million and one other things. Then when I was diagnosed with M.E. I knew in my own mind that this was time change.”

The idea behind the Lightning Process is that the mind and the body are deeply interconnected. When working with those conditions, we actually identify the mental patterns that contribute to a bad health and with a combination of NLP and Hypnotherapy we rewire the brain in a positive way, which in turns has a positive impact on the health. Tiffany reported later “I took the training in London in April and it has to be the most worthwhile and life changing three days in my entire life so far. I now have the tools to do whatever I want to do and also how to change things in my life which aren’t life enhancing to me.”

I regularly hear from Tiffany since 2009 and I’m pleased to report she is now completely healthy and fully enjoying her life.

Weight Loss
This is one of the quickest and easiest topic to treat with NLP and Hypnotherapy. Jennifer came to see me before Christmas as she was struggling to lose weight and the perspective of Christmas really worried her. We did our first session a week before Christmas, using some simple NLP tools like changing Submodalities. And when she came back in January, she was very surprised how easy it was for her over the holiday to avoid the usual binging. We only needed a few more sessions to work on motivation to go to the gym, and change her tastes with NLP – such as replacing chocolate by fruits so she would be drawn to healthy food instead. I made sure we created a compelling image of seeing herself in the future at her idea weight, so her brain knew in which direction to work from then on. This is a classic example of a straight forward approach that changed someone’s life in only a few weeks.

Sometimes however there’s an emotional underlying cause behind binging and cravings, and in those situation I tailor techniques to eliminate the root cause. I worked a few years ago with a gentleman who was overweight, and on our second session it appeared obvious that there was an underlying anxiety behind his weight. I used a combination of hypnotherapy and NLP on that one and we quickly resolved the part that was stuck. David surprised me by losing 2 stones in a couple of month as a result, and I regularly bump into him in the local area and he’s been able to keep his ideal weight after 4 years.

Pain Relief/Management
Injured knee: Susan came to see me in winter because she had fell down on ice and badly injured her knee. The ligaments were torn blablabla and she had been strongly recommended surgery. Susan told me she wanted to avoid surgery at all costs and requested my help. I decided the best approach was hypnotherapy, and as I guided her into a relaxed state, I created with her a visualisation that was designed to heal her knee naturally and quickly enough that she wouldn’t need surgery. Susan was very dedicated and practiced her visualisation a lot in the following weeks. As a result her knee indeed healed quicker than expected and she never went through surgery.

Her words are “I first met Peggy on a NLP discovery day and was impressed by her knowledge and ability to articulate the mechanics of NLP in a way that was informative and intriguing. She was able to explain complexities and answer questions in a way that was simple and easy to understand. She made such a strong impression on me that a few months later when faced with the certainty of surgery I decided to give her a call and book a session. My session was both interesting and surprising.

Peggy has a natural ability to connect with people which immediately put me at ease. It was also very comforting to know that she understood what I was going through and how I felt. She was able to answer all my questions and her calm knowledgeable approach gave me the confidence to fully engage during the session. The results were rapid and amazing; I was able to completely avoid surgery and almost a year on have not experienced any further problems. I have recommended Peggy to numerous friends and family struggling with a broad range of issues including physical ailments, phobias and psychological problems. Having experienced firsthand the amazing work that she does I am 100% confident that she is able to help and would not hesitate to visit her again in future.”

Phobia Release
James had a strong phobia of needles that developed when he was a young boy, having had a surgery on his foot without anaesthetic. He couldn’t watch any documentary or fiction on TV that included surgery and of course needles. As I’ve mentioned in one of my blog, I don’t really like the quick phobia cure as most of the times the changes don’t last. So I did a few NLP and Hypnotherapy techniques on James over two sessions, including the NLP phobia cure and we cleared the part of his unconscious mind that wanted to protect him.

James reported “I could not resist testing what had happened and I am delighted to share that on Sunday evening I happen to watch 3-4 minutes of Botox injections being administered on TV. The feeling I had, and was left with, was one of excitement for the breakthrough, nothing of the previous feelings. More situations to test but a fantastic result….Peggy, thank you!”

Public speaking
I used to belong to a network group where we had to present ourselves in front of everyone. One of my colleagues one day came to me and asked me for help, as she found it daunting and very scary. She felt shaky and her heart starting to race, she would start sweating and her mind would go blank. Which of course doesn’t help when you’re trying to sell yourself. I did only a couple of sessions with her, combining some NLP and Hypnotherapy exercises like new behaviour generator and swish, and at the following meeting she was transformed.

She describes it “I am frequently exposed to situations where I need to speak in front of an audience and having good skills in doing so are of uttermost importance to my work. Prior to my sessions with Peggy, I struggled with this task as I became very nervous and lost for words. In my sessions with Peggy, I felt instantly calm and understood without being embarrassed. In just two sessions in March/April 2013, Peggy helped me to become significantly more confident in public speaking and I now genuinely enjoy it! This is something I believed to be impossible a couple of years ago”

This is quite an intriguing issue, as despite what the medical profession will say, most cases of depression aren’t genetic. Most of the time it’s simply hitting a hard time, and our brain gets stuck in a negative spiral that prevents us to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I saw a lady a couple of years ago who came to me in tears, had been put under anti-depressant by her GP but she couldn’t move forward. At that stage – during our first session, I only used life-coaching, to help her identify what was at the core of her emotions. And when we started to look into details in her life, it appeared that what was depressing her was her current relationship.

Everything else in her life was good, but the negativity of that relationship was so overwhelming that she couldn’t see the wood for the tree. When I saw Jane the second time, she reported that her depression had reduced by 85% simply by realising what was going on for her. We did a few sessions after that to help Jane take the control back in her life – and her relationship, and she felt confident enough to go off the drugs very shortly after, under medical supervision of course. Jane has come back to me recently for help with dealing with stress at work, and told me she never felt dreadful ever again after the sessions we did back then.

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