NLP practitioner course

Traditionally, NLP is taught in a fast track motion in just under a couple of weeks. Even though the advantage of being able to graduate under a few weeks leaves out some important elements:

  • They teach you theories but don’t train you to develop your confidence in working with “real” clients instead of your fellow students who already know the steps and facilitate your practice.
  • They only give a very small amount of time to teaching trance and hypnotherapy (sometimes under a day).

But ask yourself, as a client, would you trust someone with that level of experience? As a practitioner would you feel confident to handle issues clients bring into your practice such as depression, trauma and abuse with that level of experience and practice?

The sad reality is that 90% of the people who train on these kinds of NLP courses will not gain the confidence to work with real clients.

We treat NLP and hypnotherapy differently as we’ve recognised over the years the importance of learning thoroughly and deeply in order to create the incredible changes you can achieve for you and your clients using NLP and Hypnotherapy.

Our program is highly acclaimed included by a few people who trained with the original creators of NLP and chose to retrain with us to learn how to apply in practice the theories they had then learnt. It includes:

  • 6 months training
  • 12 months mentoring on your client work
  • Real-life practice
  • A rigorous assessment criteria so you get the confidence you’re capable of using those tools
  • An active learning community
  • An access to additional online video-based learning
  • A personal learning journal and a course manual
  • Our Person-Centred NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapy Diploma covers the full curriculum of NLP and hypnotherapy (NLP/H) accredited by the main UK national and international associations.

It delivers a unique integrated method founded upon hypnotherapeutic practice developed by a practitioner who has been using those tools in a clinical environment for many years.

The structure of the course also ensures the skills are developed with lasting confidence so that you can use them with real clients rather than just fellow students.

Our six weekends of training over six months ensures you gain skills that last and get time to practise them fully.

NLP Master Practitioner course

The natural next step after the Person-Centred NLP Practitioner course is our Master course.

Our master program is unique in focusing on the main issues clients bring into a therapeutic practice, and how to work realistically with them. We’ll explore the most common therapeutic patterns such as depression, self-esteem issues, anxiety, trauma and abuse as well as learning how to enhance the mind-body connection in relation to health.

Upon graduating from this program you’ll have all the tools, the confidence and experience to work as a highly skilled NLP therapist and hypnotherapist.

Why is it necessary to hold a Masters degree?

Most practitioners in this field hold both qualifications, practitioners and masters, therefore if you want to be competitive on the market and build a successful practice, you will benefit from holding both diploma.

The content of the Masters will allow you to work with a wide range of issues that most clients who seek help will face.

Course outline:

The Masters course runs over 6 weekends and covers the following:

  • Advanced processes for emotional and physical healing
  • Cellular Healing including exploring the physiology and neurology behind chronic illnesses and immune system dysfunctions, pain management techniques, introduction to energetic healing and other related processes
  • Hypnobirthing and fertility: using hypnosis for fertility issues and labour
  • Codependency: understanding the illness and using NLP/H to address it
  • Exploring common issues brought in by clients and how to work on them, including depression, anxiety, stress, smoking, grief, trauma, abuse, self love and addictions
  • Meta-programs
  • Morpho-psychology
  • Combining TA and NLP
  • Building your business, managing your state, and practicalities of being a free lance new master practitioner

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