There is more and more evidence supporting the fact that our mind and our emotions have a direct impact on our body. For example, it is now broadly accepted that happy people are healthier and that people suffering from stress and anxiety are more prone to illnesses.

So how do we make sure we provide our body with the best environment to stay healthy? How do we stay in good health?

  • Cancer is one of the most infamous diseases of our times and affects more than one person in four in UK and destroys families.
  • Autoimmune diseases such as diabetes type 1, MS and Rheumatoid arthritis affect up to 20% of the population
  • 60% of adults in UK report suffering from a chronic condition

We all know that prevention is better than cure yet with so much conflicting advice alongside the demands of a busy life, we often don’t know how to look after ourselves properly.

The simple fact is, our bodies struggle to cope with our modern lifestyle. We eat the wrong food, live in stressful conditions and place demands on our bodies that they just weren’t built for.

It’s no wonder they react with symptoms and illnesses.

It’s well known now that when we are exposed for too long to these factors, our bodies can’t cope and begin to break down, developing chronic illnesses and pain.

But it’s not just our environment or what we eat. Another key factor to these ailments are emotions we haven’t yet dealt with. Research firmly supports the mind and body connection, and it is reported that negative emotions compromise our immune system even when we try to ignore or repress them.

Our Psycho-Somatic Exploration Program is designed to help you identify the threats to your health in your lifestyle and help you clear your emotional baggage. By addressing these causal factors, you’ll strengthen your immune system to create the best possible conditions for your health. We’ll explore together how your body communicates unresolved emotions through its pain and symptoms and clear those obstacles to a good health.

Using a powerful combination of coaching, integrative Hypnotherapy, EFT and CBT, we will help you unravel and eliminate the hidden negative emotions and beliefs you’ve been carried with you for all those years to reach inner peace, joy and happiness whilst ensuring you put in place the habits that will restore and sustain you through daily life.

Why not prevent today what so many try to cure tomorrow?

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