What is NLP?

Most of our issues stem from our minds. You may have noticed how often you catch yourself thinking about the worst case scenario of a situation that hasn’t happened yet; Or perhaps you get pestered by that inner voice of yours that constantly criticise you.

Our brain has a tendency to interpret the world around us and distort it, instead of seeing it exactly as it is. When you suffer from a phobia, for example, the internal image you have of the subject of your phobia is disproportioned, likely to be much bigger and scarier than reality.

Neuro-linguistic programming is a technique that looks at how the brain interprets the world and transforms it into thoughts or internal images that begin to cause issues. This wonderful tool helps us re-adjust our internal thoughts and interpretations to optimise our responses.

Another good example is around food. If you have cravings, it means the way your brain represents that food internally triggers an uncontrollable desire to eat. However, as soon as you change how your brain sees that food, it will automatically change how you respond to it.

What is Person-Centred NLP?

Person Centred NLP is a new approach to NLP, which focuses on the person first. Most NLP practitioners adopt the “quick fix” approach with their clients, where they apply one-size-fit-all techniques without first trying to understand who the person in front of them is.

This approach can be very useful if those techniques are exactly what the client needs on that specific day. But most often, a person’s needs are much more complex and it takes time to totally identify them.

Person-Centred NLP is a holistic approach that focuses on the personality, the history and the specific needs the client has, taking the time to understand who they are, where they come from and what the best approach for them is to get optimal results.

Every client gets a comprehensive assessment of their situation and a specific individual treatment is then designed and tailored to their unique needs.

Person-Centred NLP has been proven to be much more effective than traditional NLP with long-lasting results and drastic changes in all areas of life.

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