Many of us lose ourselves in our relationship. Our identity becomes blurred. We feel unsettled or anxious. We react nervously to the needs of our partner. It’s uncomfortable, painful and destructive.

And it’s time to heal it.

What is co-dependency?

Co-dependency is a set of behaviours in which you find yourself not valuing yourself in relation to the other people in your life. You discount your needs and put other people’s needs first. Typically you’ll notice patterns such as:

  • Being self-critical and self-judgmental
  • Being perfectionist
  • Suffering from low self-esteem and lack of self-worth
  • Feeling emotionally dependent on others in an unhealthy way
  • Suffering from a fear of abandonment
  • Struggling to put boundaries and make decisions
  • Doubting themselves
  • Not meeting needs and wants
  • Struggling to say no
  • Addictions
  • Depression and anxiety

Experts estimate that about 95% of the population suffers some degree of co-dependency or counter-dependency (the other side).

Co-dependency massively affects our relationships with others as it prevents us to be able to fully be our true self in relations to others. A lot of people describe feeling like a fraud or regularly experience anxieties among other symptoms when facing intimacy.

After working with hundreds of people for many years, we’ve developed a Healing Co-dependency Programme combining Hypnotherapy, NLP, coaching, EFT and CBT. Through the course of change work you’ll learn:

  • How to become whole
  • How to raise your self-esteem
  • How to feel worthy
  • How to communicate effectively in relationships and create inter-dependency
  • How to love yourself, respect yourself and honour your needs and wants
  • How to create healthy boundaries
  • How to be assertive

If you want healthy relationships then start with a healthy relationship to relationships and start where it all begins. Yourself.

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