EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and is often referred to as the “tapping technique“. It follows the same Chinese medicine principles as acupuncture and acupressure, working on the energy meridians that travel through our body without the invasiveness of the needles.

The principle behind EFT is that if a person suffers with emotional or physical pain, it simply means there’s some energy disruption in the body. EFT is a gentle technique that involves softly tapping on the energy points of the body that are related to our meridians, in order to release the blocks. The tapping allows re-establishing the body energetic balance and clearing out past emotions that are still hindering our present lives.

EFT can allow issues that have been stuck for a long time to shift very quickly by removing the emotional impact of memories and trauma. It works as well on physical issues and emotional issues, and it is also quick to learn; You can practice it at home in between the sessions, which empowers you to make quicker and further changes in your life.

EFT works very well combined with NLP to rapidly turn your life around and create positive changes.

What can EFT help me with?

You can resolve stuck negative emotions, such as anger, grief and pain, get rid of negative beliefs as well as improving physical ailments. You can also use EFT to reinforce positive affirmations and create an empowering future.

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