Do you feel unfulfilled in some areas of your life? Do you have the feeling that you are limiting yourself with self-sabotaging behaviours and thoughts? Would you like to improve your relationships or your work performances?

Sometimes even when we know what we want, we still find it difficult to get it. Fear might get in the way, or perhaps simply not knowing HOW to go about it. Sometimes we even have the feeling we are working hard towards a goal, yet nothing seems to change. Sounds familiar?

Life coaching will help you identify what you want, set some exiting goals, understanding why and how you behave the way you do, what prevents you from taking actions to stop those unsatisfying behaviours and how you can change them. Finally we show you how you can enhance your skills, your competencies and your assets to apply them to the different parts of your life that need a boost.

Whether you choose to increase your work performances, earn more money or improve your personal and professional relationships, you will learn some new powerful strategies to get the results you’re looking for while being supported every step of the way by a dedicated coach.

What is your coach’s role? 

Your coach is here to support you, motivate you and help you go the extra mile even when you find it difficult.

But coaching is not just about goal setting. Sometimes you need someone to listen to you without judgment, without prejudice or without any opinion. Sometimes you want to discover more about yourself and increase your self-awareness, and that’s another role your coach has. Acting like a sounding board to your own thoughts, it will allow you to find your inner answers, tap into your inner resources and feel more empowered.

Even when you’ve worked a lot on yourself and have an increased awareness you can’t spot all your blindspots. You are so close to yourself, as you live with yourself 24/7, than you don’t see sometimes the wood for the trees. You don’t have the necessary distance or the alternative perspective to see things from a different angle. That’s what your coach is also here for: help you spot your patterns, see the blindspots and understand your issues and yourself from a different perspective.

They will ask you questions using some skilful language in order to make you think differently about your issues. Together you’ll examine what areas of your life you wish to improve and you’ll discover all the possible options to reach your goals. Using proven efficient techniques, your coach will guide you step by step through your action plan until you successfully achieve the results you’re looking for.

How is it different from therapy?

Your coach helps you find your own answers, become stronger and take your life in your own hands. Because no one knows you as well as you do, no one will have better answers for you than you do. Your coach’s purpose is to help you fulfil your potential and for YOU to start making the decisions that will improve your life.

We are not dwelling on the past nor necessarily revisiting painful events. Life coaching is all about making positive changes in the present that will have a direct impact in your future. So if you feel you’ve dealt with your past or don’t actually feel the need to re-visit it, if you’re excited at the idea to move forward in an even better way and use all your potential, you may prefer to opt for coaching rather than therapy.

Is life coaching for me?

Every person is different and needs a different approach. I generally tend to combine different techniques to tailor the treatment to your specific needs. During our initial consultation we will identify what works best for you and devise a personal treatment plan.

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