Relationships are possibly the most complex and difficult areas of our lives. Our relationships with our partners, our family, our friends or co-workers are often a great source of joy – but also can become painful and problematic.

Who hasn’t in their life encounter conflict with someone?

Sometimes the issues are based on misunderstandings or unfulfilled expectations. Sometimes we just don’t know how to communicate and feel heard. Sometimes we don’t know how to overcome difficult situations together.

But more often than not, our relationship issues are linked to our relationship with ourselves. A lot of the time we are stuck in our interactions, because we have built so many defence and coping mechanisms that there is now a wall between us that is difficult to bridge.

Perhaps if we learn to connect with ourselves, can we become better at relating to other people?

Relationship coaching offers a wide range of approaches that can help you both with feeling better within yourself and also improve the quality of your connections with others.

We can explore:

  • Learning and improving basic communication tools
  • Understand the complex dynamics at play in any relationship and overcome the problems
  • Learn how to feel heard and understood
  • Build healthy boundaries
  • Improve our self-esteem so we improve our relationships

Peggy has many years of experience in relationship coaching, and uses a combination of various tools such as Transactional Analysis, Cognitive behavioural therapy and NLP as a perfect bland to solve any relationship issues.

Peggy has been teaching relationship coaching as part of the CPD program of Animas Centre for coaching for many years and now offers her own online courses for people interested in improving their relationships.

For more information and appointments, please contact us.

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