“I love how she works, and trust her implicitly.”

I have been a client of Peggy Guglielmino for over two years. I have become more confident, achieved my goals, am working towards my dreams and overall I am a much happier person. I have always felt that Peggy respects me for who I am, and has always worked with me, rather than ‘on’ me as I have felt with other therapists. That is what makes her so special – she has such a range of experience and knowledge and brings all of that to each session.


“Through her flexible and integrative approach my life slowly but surely improved.”

I suffered from depression all my life, so my expectations were pretty low when I first met Peggy and became her client in 2014. I had a deep distrust of the therapeutic process and I was a difficult client with lots of resistance and denial patterns. But with great patience and compassion, Peggy gained my trust. Her professionalism, therapeutic skills and knowledge were unprecedented and ultimately Peggy brought me to a place where I am depression free, healthy mentally and physically.


“For the first time, I have realised that I am the key to understanding myself. It took Peggy to really demonstrate the importance of this to me”.

I have struggled with social anxiety, mood swings and issues with sugar addiction for around 20 years and have tried many types of talking therapies over those years. These issues have had a massive impact on my life. 

Previous therapies have not even scratched the surface, but when I began to see Peggy 18 months ago everything felt different. It is my feeling that this fundamentally is about Peggy’s ability to connect with me.  We each bring something into the room. She brings experience, skills and knowledge, as well as something absolutely unique, which I cannot describe – a special kind of energy is the only way I can put it. She guides me to parts of myself I have not previously been aware of or been able to access. I bring myself (of course – the essential ingredient!) along with a massive amount of curiosity, openness and dedication. 

Unlike before, I am not desperate to ‘fix’ all these problems as quickly as possible. My approach is now more about acceptance and unifying parts of myself which have become separated somewhere along the way. With this acceptance comes deeper healing and inner contentment. We are not finished yet, but the changes I have experienced are here to stay and that is certainly a first – I have confidently, and with enjoyment, delivered a 90-minute workshop to room of 250 18-year-old students and 25 teachers from around the world. I have had conversations with my father I never thought possible. These are just a couple of examples of the hugely positive impact my work with Peggy has had, and continues to have, on my life.


Karina, on depression and self-esteem

Since working with Peggy I’ve never been happier with myself and my life. I’ve learnt how to manage my anxiety, find good in every situation and become more resiliant. I’m so much more relaxed, confident and happier. A very remarkable transformation.

Lisa, on co-dependency

Working with Peggy has had a massive impact on my life. I’d experienced significant anxiety on and off since I was a child and had various interventions which helped for a while, but the problem kept coming back. Peggy helped me to recognize that co-dependency was at the root of the problem. Peggy taught me that co-dependence is a common trait that we learn early in life that sometimes we don’t break in adulthood. My favourite definition is that we’re being co-dependent when we put other people’s needs ahead of our own (and expect the other people to do the same for us). I learnt that expecting other people to ‘make’ me feel better wasn’t normal. I found that I wasn’t responsible for other people’s happiness. And I figured out that life was much simpler if I looked after myself and asked for help from others when I needed it, rather than expecting them to work it out. Mindreading was no longer necessary, which was great as my mindreading habits were often causing problems! These problems were causing rows, feelings of anxiety, tearful outbursts (mine) and distance (my partner’s).

Then she helped me change my behavioural patterns to break the cycle of co-dependence. Her gentle and no-nonsense approach was exactly what was needed to support and motivate me to make huge changes in my life. The impact has been incredibly swift, large and lasting. I feel ‘normal’, happy and in control. It’s as if someone has given me my life back. Peggy is a hugely gifted and skilled practitioner and she comes with my wholehearted recommendation.

Kathy, on childhood traumas

I booked my NLP session with Peggy and immediately felt nervous and then a bit sceptical as to what could actually change for me, so when I arrived at the session I was a bag of nerves. Peggy immediately made me feel comfortable and I began to relax even though I didn’t know what to expect and soon we were into the session.

The process I had worked on me was something I had never come across before and I was amazed at how immensely powerful it was. Only minutes before I was believing nothing could change for me and the next thing I had revelations about my past I could never have got to with any other therapy (I know because I’ve tried quite a few!). After the session I was going home with a completely different feeling about myself and the situation that had come up in the work.

Part of my life has literally changed through having this treatment, leaving me in a place that I feel I can accept my ‘lot’ and get on with my life with the old burden of tension and stress completely disappeared.


Sandra, on stop smoking, September 2010

When I’ve been told hypnotherapy could help me to stop smoking, I didn’t really believe it…But I still decided to try….After the first session, I smoked my last 5 cigarettes, I put down my empty pack without crunching it, without panicking at the thought of not having tobacco any more…

That was on December 24th 2009!

I still did the 2nd session a week after, and I can say today that I’m a non-smoker and a free woman! This experience litterally freed me, because when you smoke, you’re never free. You always think about your cigarette, if you’ll be able to smoke, and you’re always stressed.

Today, I’m really proud of myself, I’m much more relaxed, and I’m much more positive, like if I was a different woman! That’s why I strongly recommend to everyone to do this!

Sandra Bicail

Julia, on low self-esteem

I had been suffering from an extended period of feeling very low when I was recommended to see Peggy. Within a very few sessions I started to feel more comfortable with myself, and more contented, than I had for years. As the sessions have continued I have been amazed at the positive changes that the work I have done with Peggy has produced in so many areas of my life – in my self esteem, my confidence levels, my personal relationships and my effectiveness at work. I’m so pleased that I was recommended to Peggy and would happily recommend her to others.

Debbie, having recovered from years of M.E

Peggy is a fantastic practioner! She delivers the training with ease, fun, empathy and tremendous clarity. All of her skills are clearly visible and greatly appreciated. She is a very special person to have on your team and reflects the professionalism and high standard of training from The Lightning Process.

Thank you.

from a extremely well and healthy!

Peter on stopping smoking

Working with Peggy has been really effective and life changing. I lit up my last cigarette just before entering her office, and I came out of the session being a non-smoker, which I never thought would ever be possible. I haven’t smoked in already 7 months, I don’t have any craving and I don’t feel any withdrawal pang, it’s just wonderful!” Peter Macvoy

Melissa on anxiety

Before I started working with Peggy I didn’t understand anxiety or how to
deal with it. Now I have a clear understanding of what happens when I feel
unable to cope with the situation, and how to feel calm and happy. It’s been
a very liberating experience.” Melissa Gilbert

Bente on personal limitations

Hi Peggy, I just want to say thank you! I felt so limited in different situations with other people. It was really bad, and very disabling in my work and in my studies. Amazingly one session with you was all I needed to sort this out. My issue is totally gone and I’m so happy. I also have to tell you that you helped me with two other issues as well. After the session my strained relationship to my mother improved remarkably and my high blood pressure decreased to normal level. I’m off medication and really enjoy it as I don’t like to take pills. So thank you Peggy. Now I know who to contact if I ever need help again!

Paul about his daughter Jane, recovering from ME with the Lightning Process

Dear Peggy,

It is such a dramatic change to see Jane now that it has been life changing, for which we cannot thank you enough.

From tears of despiration to tears of happiness in one week.

Best wishes this Christmas from myself, my wife Julie, Clare, Chris, and of course Jane.

Kindest regards,


Jostein after attending LP seminar for CFS

I have just worked out a LP seminar leaded by Peggy Guglielmino in Klepp, Norway.
She was a splendid lecturer.You have to be proud of having an ambassador for the Lightning Process like her.

Jostein Sandsmark

Kira, actress

My time with Peggy was, quite literally, life changing. Not only did hypnotherapy relieve me of self-destructive, life-long habits, it also enabled me to rid myself of negativity and open myself up, allowing more positive things into my life. Since working with Peggy, my entire life has changed. My confidence has doubled and my financial situation has turned around. A few sessions with Peggy for such amazing results make this some of the best money I have ever spent. I would recommend her to anyone and continue to sing her praises! Kira Lauren, Actress and Voice Over Artist

Kristin, Norwegian

Dear Peggy!

Thanks a lot for teaching me the lightning process. I use it and it works. Now I have got the tool I have looked for for years. It is really fascinating to see that it works!

Best wishes from Kristin

Laura – musician

I’ve been preparing competitions and orchestral auditions for many years now, and every time I was suffering with a lack of self-confidence and fear – fear of failure, fear not to be up to it, fear not to be able to manage to be at my best at the critical moment of the competition.

When I met Peggy, I was preparing this audition for a very important english orchestra that could change my career, and even though I new I was ready because I had been working very hard, I was lacking of this psychological support that they don’t teach us in our musical education and which could make all the difference.

My meeting with Peggy and the work we did together allowed me to feel totally calm and relaxed, before and during the competition, and for the first time in my entire life I was trusting myself, I was looking forward to this very important audition, and I was completely at 100% of my potential…and I got the job !!!!!

Not only Peggy helped me to get this incredible opportunity in my professional life, but she gave me some tools to feel calm and confident any time I need in my everyday life, and a few months after, I still feel the positive effects of it.

Jane’s story:

I have been working on many different things with Peggy, and the most useful one was to learn how to get to be myself and enjoying it! Since then, I’m fine when my partner goes away for several days for his work, something I used to struggle with, and I sometimes even enjoy it! It gives me the opportunity to do things for myself. Peggy helped me to discover there’s a whole lot of things that I like doing on my own – when I did not think there were actually any. She helped me to find pleasure and happiness in my own self and to gain much more self-confidence at the same time. All this making my life much easier and happier.

Stella – French teacher

At the dawn of my oral examinations, whereas competition is very hard in a contest of such a scale, I called upon Peggy to help me to optimize my knowledge, and to face the jury because I am (now I can say I were) very timid. Indeed, a contest selects the best candidates, but the best in one exact and determined moment, and my timidity was always an obstacle in the oral examination. I then decided to work with Peggy, to put all the chances on my side to succeed. Thanks to Peggy I mastered the oral examination, because I was really at ease and especially professional. Today I teach teenagers and my timidity disappeared. I am very at ease in class with my pupils, and I feel today I am another woman. This work with Peggy was determining in my career. Thank you again, Peggy…

Albert – bank manager:

Because of the huge amount of stress I have in my professional life, I ended up having trouble to sleep. I would wake up every night in the middle of the night, it would then take me ages to come back to sleep, and I would wake up in the morning even more tired than when I went to bed. This was having a very negative effect on my professional life – increasing even more the stress, and I started to feel the effects on my personal life as well.

I went to see Peggy, hoping she could help me with this. I was a bit sceptical, as I had been trying a few other things before which didn’t work. And when she just asked me to relax and talked me through for a while, I didn’t think that would have any effect at all. But to my surprise, the next night I didn’t wake up at all! That was incredible, to finally have a good resting sleep after 5 months !!

It’s been 8 months now, and I still sleep very well at night, I rarely wake up, and that really helps to put my life back on track. Thank you.

Marit after recovering from ME

Thank you for a fantastic seminar. You’re very inspiring. It’s amazing how you could go on the whole day for the 3 days!

Love, from Marit

Sunni about LP seminar

Thank you very much for all your help and guidance. I will always remember you and be grateful. It is such a blessing to have a new life like this. Thank you very much

With all the best and good luck with your life!


Mona, from Norway, after the seminar

I am home again!! Happy, full of joy and strength. THANK you again!!!


Bodil, after LP

Thank you for showing me how to deal with my life! We had such good days with you,
and it is the smartest thing I’ve ever done..

Gilles, french, after LP

A huge THANK YOU for your kindness, your patience, your commitment and professionalism during those 3 days of training.