NLP is just a tool

September 30, 2013

I've recently completed my AAMET EFT training level 1&2 and as I was training, it confirmed something really important that became the root of my Person-Centred NLP approach. When you work with clients, the most important thing is not the repertoire of processes you have...

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5 tips to better manage your time

September 9, 2013

How often do you find yourself complaining that you don't have enough time? Or that you're swamped with tasks you don't manage to fit into the day? In our busy lives it is essential to learn to manage our time properly to avoid procrastination and...

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Russian Dolls

September 4, 2013

I was reading a blog this morning on NLP and they mentioned how a lot of practitioners don't know what process or technique to use with their clients. Because they are focused on the processes rather than being focused on the person's needs. When I...

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